Tank Destroyers

Achilles and M10

Another excellent book in the Tank Craft series, Tank Destroyer, Achilles and M10. The subtitle is British Army anti-tank units, Western Europe 1944-1945, and the book focuses mainly on the British version of the American M10 in the last part of the war. Personally I was familiar with the M10 and I am sure we all know their heroic actions during the Battle of the Bulge, but I never really delved into the Achilles…… I didn’t even know it was the M10 ! Call me ignorant.

Anyway, this particular book excels in 2 things for me….. First and foremost the extensive middle part showing a large number of model kits and brands, of complete kits and if aftermarket additions and details. And here I must mention too the large number of close-up photos of some of the wonderful builds of finished kits. Very interesting for modelers like me. Also interesting to see the rather large number of 1/48 scale kits of this vehicle. The second interesting part for me are the pages showing the composition of the various anti-tank regiments. Very informative.

And then of course there is the general short history of how this weapon came in to being into the British Army, and it’s actions starting in Normandy and all the way into northern Germany. There are quite a few interesting photos of the actions too, showing what the Achilles and its M10 brothers looked like in battle.

Yet another great book for modelers…… !

Get it directly from the publisher at Pen & Sword Books here !

Tank Destroyer (Paperback)

Achilles and M10

British Army Anti-Tank Units, Western Europe, 1944–1945

By Dennis Oliver
Imprint: Pen & Sword Military
Series: Tank Craft
Pages: 64
ISBN: 9781526741905
Published: 12th March 2019

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