Other WW2 websites

During my WW2 research I happen onto many interesting sites. Below are a few that may interest you too. Again, as everything else here, a work in progress.

How do you get an army across the English Channel and into France when your enemy is well armed, well trained and expecting you?
Find out how at the D-Day Story, Portsmouth
Told through the personal accounts of people who were there and brought to life through stunning audio-visual presentations alongside iconic objects from the museum’s collection; this is the story of D-Day.

TracesOfWar is a STIWOT project. The subject is the history of global warfare, told from military, political and social viewpoints. This website is the compilation of the previous websites Go2War2.nl, Oorlogsmusea.nl, WW2Awards.com and WO2Actueel.nl. The website is divided into five domains: Articles, Points of Interest, Current Events, Persons and Awards. In the part Themes, parts of these domains are compiled thematically. We are striving to present the contents of the website in two languages, Dutch and English.

Wonderful website with a wide range of descriptions of tanks (not only World War 2, but hey). Worth browsing when you are looking for detailed info on tanks !

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