Kent at War 39-45

by Mark Khan

Here’s an interesting book for a slightly different reason than usual; it doesn’t so much cover a certain campaign or battle, or a unit, no, it is about all the me and women taking part in the war from one specific region. Kent in England.

Obviously this is most interesting for those having their roots in that area, and possibly still knowing of family members that took part. But even if one does not have any ties with the region or even with England, the book provides a fascinating view into the life for, and of, the people in those years, living in, or coming from Kent.

There are many photos showing what went on in Kent, especially regarding the English Home Guard, but also with regards to the Americans getting stationed there.

I love all the photos showing how civilians were made aware of the army (and trying to get new recruits I would imagine), about the various vehicles and other weapons during training exercises and demonstrations. Especially those photos are much better than the ones taken during the battles. Here the photographer had time to set up and shoot sharp pictures. Excellent material for us modelers and researchers.

The book also gives a good insight in the effort of many women who joined the forces in all kind of jobs.

Although all this was a very serious matter, I must admit grinning at some of the pictures, because they so reminded me of that excellent British comedy series Dad’s Army !!

If you are looking for battle pictures then this book is not for you. But to get an idea of life during the war at the home front, this is excellent material.

Kent at War 1939 to 1945 (Paperback), is available here from the publisher.

By Mark Khan
Imprint: Pen & Sword Military
Series: Images of War
Pages: 144
ISBN: 9781783463466
Published: 15th September 2014
£14.99 at time of writing

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