Corona Virus Times

I am writing this on April 20, 2020, in our home in rural Italy, where we have been locked up now for more than 2 months already. We have been out 3 times, to the nearby intersection with the supermarket, and back. Many of you will suffer in the same manner, deprived of our liberty of movement, and freedom of speech even in some cases.

We are still healthy, but the danger apparently is lurking around every corner, with every human contact, even on objects brought into our house. Like many of you we are decontaminating our shopping, car and clothes after a simple trip to the supermarket.

All this is an extra reason for me to continue with my World War 2 activities, making sure we remember that the freedom we have (or had, currently) was brought to us by those millions of brave men fighting for the free world in the west (and, allas, the not-so-free world in the east).

Lets please continue to remember those brave men and women and what they did for us, all over the world.
Stay safe everybody and lets make sure this will pass and we can pick up our free lives again as soon as possible!

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