What is this site about

I have been interested in World War 2 ever since I was about 6 years old. Heard the stories from my parents and other family that were part of it, read about it, watched movies and documentaries, built scale models depicting it, and visited many of the places where it all happened (in Europe).

That interest has only grown stronger over the years, and with all the travel I’ve done in my past 63 years I have seen a lot. But there is SO MUCH and SO MANY PLACES. Every time I travel I try to take advantage and visit places of WW2 importance. In the old days one had to read books or hear from others where to go. But with our Internet nowadays one can find almost all the information one needs.

But to me, one thing that would make my life easier (*cough*, okay so I am lazy at 65 years old) would be a map that would indicate all major sites in my vicinity. Maybe it exists, but I haven’t found it. So I decided to embark on this project and produce it myself (hopefully with help of others, because I don’t think I’ll live long enough to finish it on my own).

So the idea is that on this site you will find museums and monuments, related to World War 2 (but maybe in future also for other historic conflicts) as symbols on a Google Map (THANK YOU GOOGLE !!!), divided per continent and per country. Most of these places are already on Google, so I only need to find them and show them on a separate map. If we find places that are not on Google yet, I will add them.

This is a work in progress, I have a busy life and am getting older, so please bear with me. And IF YOU CAN HELP by sending me places of interest, I’ll be much obliged (I’ll set something up to make communicating as easy as possible).

Francois A. ‘Navman’ Dumas

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