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On this page I have listed some sites, services and people that I can personally recommend. This is NOT just a bunch of links; these are real recommendations based on my personal views, experience and/or beliefs. Do with it what you want, hopefully it benefits you in some way or other !



Carlin Air, owned and operated by Jeff Carlin, is THE bush flying company for me. Sure, there are many of them, but this one I happen to have experienced myself. Jeff Carlin is an enthusiast, flying his old but meticulously maintained DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver with great skill and great pleasure. I can truly recommend Jeff’s outfit, check out his website and give them a call next time you travel to Ketchikan, Alaska !!




SupportMyPC is a company based in The Netherlands that provides dedicated PC support to individual PC owners and companies. They do this EVERYWHERE in The Netherlands, and are branching out to other countries as well.

I happen to be one of their ‘experts’ and will be happy to help you with your PC problems. One of the features of SupportMyPC is that it is pretty CHEAP !

Should you be interested in signing up for the service, then PLEASE quote my Personal Expert number: SIL439277

That will assure you that it is ME giving you the support. And, in case I would not be available, please have one of my fellow, freelance experts take care of your problems of course.


SmugMug is my favorite photo-collection service provider. They do an EXCELLENT job in hosting my photos with terrific service and easy-to-understand software. Upload your photos and share them with the world. If you click on the picture and sign on, you even get a $ 5 discount !!

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free  

CafePress is my favorite ‘direct-print’ company. You can make your own FREE SHOP and print your photos or other designs on anything from t-shurts to coffee mugs to calendars. And then order them yourself, or even sell them to others! Click on the picture to get YOUR SHOP GOING!


FSInsider is Microsoft’s web site to support the Flight Simulator franchise/products. A ‘must visit’ site for anybody who has bought the latest Flight Simulator (FSX). Not only is it from the actual producer of the sim (Microsoft’s Games Studios) but more importantly it is run by people from the FS Team themselves… people I have come to know as very skillful and honest! Thanks Hal and all the others !!


International Travel Maps & Books is a company I discovered on my ‘travels’ over the Internet, looking for topo maps of British Columbia. Since I am a sucker for special companies, and especially ones with a ‘human face’ and some humor , ITMB is a worthy addition to our recommended page. I urge you to read the About Us story, telling how the company came into being and what they are today. And if you need some special maps, then why not buy them in Canada, eh?



Space Shuttle Mission 2007 is a REAL simulation, and NOT an add-on to any existing flight simulator. It does a lot more than just shoot you into oblivion, errrrm….. orbit, with gorgeous graphics, too! You are supposed to ‘manage’ the Shuttle and all its systems, handle the cargo arm, do spacewalks, and get her safely back to earth again without turning all into a giant barbecue. This product is a major achievement and (after a learning curve) a real joy to ‘play’ ! Check out the SSM2007 website here !


Motor Service Amersfoort.
Kenny Simon handles our technical support for our BMW RT but also for other brands and models.
Ken has opened a new shop in Den Dolder, in the province of Utrecht and will discuss any work on your motorbike with you. Just click on the picture to check out his website!|
Ken is from New York, speaks Dutch and English and is an enthusiastic BMW rider himself!



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