FS Blogs

Here I’ve collected blogs from people involved in the Flight Simulator ‘scene’.

Of course the old Microsoft FS developer’s blogs are still featured here, although the MSFS team has now long gone.


Well-known FS people:

Jon Patch – Author of VancouverPlus

Bill Womack – Antelope Simworks/FSAddon

Owen Hewitt – Eaglesoft

Arno Gerretsen – Scenery Designer and MS MVP

Lefteris Kalamaras – FSLabs – Greece

Ron Hamilton – Eaglesoft

Brian York of FS2Crew 

Dean Mountford of FS Dreamscapes

Alan Kriesman of Ultimate Terrain fame


Other FS blogs and sites:

Larry ‘Pappy’Hickerson’s ‘bush blog’

Jo’s Westwood Inn ‘previews’ Blog (German)

Frank Coburger’s Blog (German)

FSNews from Germany, by Markus Wichmann

Nick Whittome – MVP

Sergio DiFusco – FlightXpress editor

Steve Lacey – Switch Gears – new company

Jason Ritchie – an FS Beta Tester

Aviation blogs !!!


Former MSFS team blogs:

Phil Taylor – ex-Program Manager Graphics and Terrain – ex-MS

Paul Lange – Lead Developer/Games Designer – MS

Hal Bryan – Hal9000 – ex-MS

ex-ESP Development Team – MS

Tim Gregson – ‘beatle’ – MS

Adrian Woods – Torgo 3000 – MS

Susan Ashlock – Engauged – MS

Brian Hunt – Habibi – MS

Michael – Z – ex-MS

Mike Singer – Information Mike

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