Forums I used to visit

Below a shortlist of forums that I own, and/or run or just visit….. When you point your browser there you are bound to see my hat, my BMW, the Jodel pilot and/or the ‘running moose’ in some of the posts 🙂

Since I don’t have so much time anymore as I used to when I first started that list, it is not very actual anymore……

My own FSAddon Publishing forums of course : Portal
My Travel Forum, also housing EuropeRides forums: click here !
The BMWSportTouring forum can be found here!
The BMW UK Club Forum is a great source for BMW riders to: click here!
Nikon Cafe forum of photo enthusiasts: great forum!
Rounders – a forum of people riding their motorbikes in all seasons – check here

The Aerosoft Support forum is to be found here
The Austrian forums
German-language Westwood-Inn forums
The SmugMug photo forum, called Digital Grin.
The ‘new’ Flight Sims Veterans Club, to be found here.
Have to add Justin Tymes’ FS-FBO to it now: find it here.

….and finally, when I remember and have time left:

The Inuksuk Aviation Group has some wonderful forums
Joao’s and Luisa’s Alaskanwinds forum of course… check here !
Siteground’s (my webhost) support forums here
Misty Moorings Lounge
Doug’s fan site for our MM product.
simFlight Japan, although I can’t read most of it, here
The Sim Outhouse forums, to be found here
And the old Flightsim Veterans Club, on and off, is here
The Vanisleva forums are here (Canadian VA)
Stanel’s (Polish !!) Bush Pilots forum can be found here!
Vauchez’ forum to see what he is up to, here
Peter Werlitz has his German Language
Flusiwelt forum right here


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