The D-Day Landings

By Philip Warner

True, this is not a new book. It was first published back in 1980. But the time of writing makes it all the more interesting, because back in 1980 there were still many survivors of the Normandy landings and subsequent battles and it is THEIR stories that were penned down by Philip Warner, making this such a unique book to read.
Mr. Warner had an article posted in The Telegraph, asking for survivors to contact him and tell their stories. Hence the book is mainly about British troops, with a few Canadian stories added at the end, and also a few accounts from French civilians who were at the receiving and of it all.

Further to the many interesting and often chilling accounts from the participating men and women, there is a very thorough and clear Introduction by John Keegan, explaining the events leading up to and including the Operation Overlord and Operation Neptune, or the D-Day Landings as we call them mostly. The few maps are simple and only needed for those readers who have no idea where the actions took place. There are a few pages with interesting photos in the center of the book. Again, nothing too special.

But what most certainly IS special, is reading what all those people interviewed actually experienced on that historic night and morning of June 6th, 1944, when the Allies decided to start to take back what Hitler took from the people of Europe; their freedom.
The book reads a little like that famous work The Longest Day by Cornelius Ryin, but focusing on the British troops.

Highly recommended reading, especially now that it is 75 years ago and the last of the veterans are sadly leaving us, never to be forgotten !

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The Telegraph – The D Day Landings (Paperback)

By Philip Warner, Foreword by W F Deedes, Introduction by John Keegan
Imprint: Pen & Sword Military
Pages: 309
ISBN: 9781526764164
Published: 5th June 2019
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