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Back from France

…. for a while, leaving again in 3 weeks. Lots of ‘stuff’ happened between now and the last post (and most of it was mentioned

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Vacation or Work?

I tell you, this is a tough question. This year we’re in France for 6 weeks and no way I can be away from the

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Am I still here ???

  …. Pinch…. ….OUCH ! …. Apparently yes. Writers block? Maybe. Busy? YES! And here I am, the man who bought a new paint set

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We’re back !

Just a ‘quickie’ to note we’ve returned safely back home, and wish we didn’t… much more fun in our ‘other’ home…. but as long as

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No, I’m not gone (yet). Just been way too busy. Nina and I will give another try at some vacation (or holiday, for my British

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