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Yo Simmers ! Come and get MOUNTAINS!

Yup, I FINALLY came up for air after some two weeks of major problems with a variety of things technical. Since the last update in December the webshop would not accept LARGE files for download anymore. Bummer! Took me an

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Backup With A Twist

If you’re like me you have too much data strewn all over your computer systems, and not nearly enough backups. If you’re like me in terms of (lack of) discipline to backup as well, you have a further problem. I

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Suddenly Missing Your Visual WP Editor?

It happened to me before and it happened again, recently. And, as always, I forgot the solution. And equally as always, Google was my friend. Google, and some unknown WP user with a better memory than mine! So, the solution

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Two Major New Projects

I have two projects that will take up most of my time during the coming months, and possibly long after that. That is, if I survive the trip preparations underway now, and the trip itself of course. Rumor has it

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Techie stuff and more….

One of my oldest tft monitors (a Medion) started being troublesome. I had to wait to turn it on until AFTER the PC had started and the main monitor was running. Don’t ask me why, I have no clue! But

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