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USA 2010 – #4 – Aruba !

First of all: WE MADE IT. Landed safely on Aruba’s tiny airfield, dodging 2 hurricanes over the Atlantic and suffering a cramped and partly bumpy ride (last 2 hours). Let me tell you, and I hate to admit if of

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Sinusitus Stinks

Big Time. Been having headaches for the past 3 weeks and that’s why you haven’t seen much of me here. Maybe I should see the doctor after all, one of these days. Meanwhile, we’re pretty busy with all sorts of

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Vivian coming ‘home’

  Our daughter Vivian and her husband Menno are returning to Holland for a 2 weeks. And although we see her a few times per week on Skype, it will be good to have her around for a bit! Will

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Vivian is getting married today

  It is April 20th, and you haven’t seen me around a lot. Reason is : see title! In between (FS) work and our own life, preparations and errands for the wedding and subsequent travel to The Antilles has taken

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Lots of news

First of all…… Vivian is getting married !!! And Menno too, for that matter….. our future son-in-law. But not only are they getting married, they also are leaving for one of the Dutch Caribbean Islands; Aruba. For THREE years !

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Nina gone, Vivian robbed……!

To say that our lives are calm and quiet this year wouldn’t be anywhere near reality. Nina is now gone, boarding the plane for Budapest in 20 minutes from now, and then flying on to Timisoara. She’ll be in Deva,

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