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  There’s a lot of talk about this all over the Internet. Basically the US wants to install laws to prevent the Internet being used by pirates and such. In reality such laws will very likely ONLY hit ‘normal netizens’

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A bad dream – fantasy or fiction?

A few nights ago I had this bad dream. No, I didn’t wake up all sweaty, but when I did wake up it felt as if I had seen it on tv, or read it somewhere. Everything that happened was

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US 2010 – #3

Well, she made it…. Nina got everything, bar one bottle of Spanish liquor, in the 2 suitcases (and 2 carry-on trollies). They weigh 23 kg each (!!), the absolute maximum allowed. (And I am NOT going to pay 50 Euros

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15.700 forum posts

That’s what I had on simFlight on last count. Or 5,5 posts PER DAY since 2002. I guess that makes me a writer? AVSIM shows only 2800+, but that’s after a restart in 2002 I think. had some 5000 there

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NOW can we get on with our lives then…. ?

What with the ‘election show’ behind us we can hopefully focus on our own lives again. As much as I understand the importance of who is president in the US, it still remains a ‘far from MY bed’ show in

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