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Folks keep peeping…..

…. peeping into my blog, that is. Although I haven’t written on it in ages ! Blame Facebook! Blame a chronic lack of time! Blame

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Fast readers !?

This is funny !I actually usually read faster than this, but I was tired upon coming home after almost a day driving and talking, pocking

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On the road again

  Just a heads-up for frequent visitors….. Nina and I will be heading east again for our yearly Romania Pilgrimage, visiting her brother and some

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Travel Season Starts

Yup, it’s that time of year again, when everything starts itching… and even the sun comes out from time to time 🙂 We can’t complain,

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New ventures……

When someone is trying to push you out of business, and out of your income, there are two things you can do. Fight them with

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Home again… and busy

Oh yes, after another grueling 4000 km drive we’re safely back home. Grueling not so much because of bad roads – actually, they have greatly

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Packing for Romania

Yeah, it’s that time of the year again… already. Nina is stuffing suitcases and bags full of clothes and food she bought, expecting me to

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Blogging Time!

Darn! Been too busy once again! Here’s a quick update of what we did: we got on the bike, and onto the ferry to England.

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