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Folks keep peeping…..

…. peeping into my blog, that is. Although I haven’t written on it in ages ! Blame Facebook! Blame a chronic lack of time! Blame having to paint the house! Blame ME! So alright, I’ll try and pick things up

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You know you’re in France……

  ….. when you open the fridge and subsequently faint from the cheese smell jumping at you ! Nina and I DO have some different tastes ! 😉 You also know you’re in France when you cannot get any international

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Fast readers !?

This is funny !I actually usually read faster than this, but I was tired upon coming home after almost a day driving and talking, pocking up Viv and Menno from the airport. But Glenn’s challenge on Facebook intrigued me, so

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On the road again

  Just a heads-up for frequent visitors….. Nina and I will be heading east again for our yearly Romania Pilgrimage, visiting her brother and some other relatives. We’ll be crossing a large part of Europe in our little van and

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Travel Season Starts

Yup, it’s that time of year again, when everything starts itching… and even the sun comes out from time to time 🙂 We can’t complain, really, had a VERY warm end of April already. And Nina has done HER bit

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Almost time for our trek south….

…. but first we hope to welcome Camy, arriving at Schiphol Airport tonight. Camy, our ‘little’ niece from Romania, will be staying with us for a while, trying to escape the gloomy situation in the old Eastbloc country and maybe

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America, here we come !

  Yes, it is time again…. we’ll be heading for the States this Fall again and planning on seeing a lot of friends, most on 2 wheels, with or without wings ! First we’ll head over to Aruba on Sept

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New ventures……

When someone is trying to push you out of business, and out of your income, there are two things you can do. Fight them with all means, or just go around them and do something else…. preferably better. Looks like

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Home again… and busy

Oh yes, after another grueling 4000 km drive we’re safely back home. Grueling not so much because of bad roads – actually, they have greatly improved in Romania – but more because of the years creeping upon us and we

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Packing for The Netherlands

How’s that for a regularly maintained blog, eh? No wonder visitors are few and far between. Fortunately I don’t need to make any money with this one ! 😉 Seriously, folks, I’ve had Internet access twice here, and been pretty

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Packing for Romania

Yeah, it’s that time of the year again… already. Nina is stuffing suitcases and bags full of clothes and food she bought, expecting me to cram it all in the Jeep once more. And then we’re off to our grueling

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Blogging Time!

Darn! Been too busy once again! Here’s a quick update of what we did: we got on the bike, and onto the ferry to England. We visited our friends Didier and Liz in London and had a most wonderful 4

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Woops, we’re getting more snow

It has been snowing all day yesterday (see photo), but we went down anyway. The roads were still cleared and the 4WD does its job on our short private road up to the garage. But today we need to go

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Since part of my business is about ‘traveling’ I am always on the lookout for related websites. And doing so I often ‘trip’ over interesting places on the world wide web. is such a place. It is a website

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