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An Israeli Airport in the Alps

  Errrrrrrm…… well, alright, not quite. Fact is that we ‘landed’ in our mountain retreat again last week and celebrated New Year here in the snow. But at the same time we’ve been working hard to get Ben Gurion for

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Snow is good!

Well, at least for the visitors statistics of my EuropeRides website. These past 2 weeks the site gets bombarded by people looking for road conditions in Europe, mainly in France. Looking at the stats it seems that UK residents are

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Heading south soon

Yup, it is that time of year again. Time to start preparing to head south, where the days are longer and the roads more twisty. Mind you, we don’t necessarily need to travel to the Alps to get our share

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Woops, we’re getting more snow

It has been snowing all day yesterday (see photo), but we went down anyway. The roads were still cleared and the 4WD does its job on our short private road up to the garage. But today we need to go

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Méribel, here we come !

  Nina and I will be leaving tomorrow morning for our place in Les Allues. Weather isn’t good yet, but is said to clear during the week. Snow a-plenty, new snow tires under the Jeep, lots of new energy to

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