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Magnificent Plum Island now released

For the very few readers here that didn’t know it yet, yes, Plum Island is now released and available here ! I am also working on making a CD version available. That sort of thing now becomes more feasible since

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Some FS news…..

The pre-ultimate Beta of Plum Island will go into action this weekend. After that we’ll test the installer and docs. We also have a second Beta of the Lysander flying now…. screenshots are made and will be uploaded tomorrow for

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Come visit New England

Always has been one of my favorite regions in the US. Perhaps because it most resembles Europe. Or perhaps it was the first area ever that I visited when first coming to the US many years ago. Like so many

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Plum Island Beta Started

Yup, good news at last! Bill Womack has been working hard (see his blog) and Plum Island is now ready for Beta testing. The Beta Team has been formed, the beta forum opened and we’re now all eagerly awaiting the

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More visitors !!!

  I am happy. And amazed! My long-time Internet presence finally seems to start being felt…. the number of actual visitors to my sites is on the rise! For the combined FSAddon sites we’re nearing the ONE MILLION mark !!!

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