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Some of my photos on Woophy

Yesterday I found a new photo site, called Woophy. (World of Photography). Founded by some Dutch guys, too. The idea is to fill the site with photos from (amateur) photographers and cover the world! When you go to the front

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Wonderful Photo Site

In the ‘series’ of ‘what I look at on the Internet’ here’s a web site I particularly like. It is called and shows beautiful photos by a large number of photographers. Click here to see. And now, ladies and

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Incredible modeling skill

Michael Paul Smith, a modeler and photographer in the US, has posted his skills on Flickr. Being an old modeler myself AND a photographer, I can only awe at his patience, skills and imagination ! I am glad I have

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My second book, non-profit

Mom’s Book a tribute to all t… By Francois Alexandre… Book Preview   My second book was supposed to be on Normandy, a guide for motor touring. Instead it is a photo book called ‘Mom’s Book’, made especially for Mom

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