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Rise of Flight news

Rise of Flight (777Studios) sends us the following press release: Dear Pilots, The winter is passing us and it’s time to recall a couple recent

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Folks keep peeping…..

…. peeping into my blog, that is. Although I haven’t written on it in ages ! Blame Facebook! Blame a chronic lack of time! Blame

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My Column on Aerosoft

Maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but I have been honoured with a little place on the new Aerosoft News Pages, notably under the ‘Columns’ tab.

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I was on US TV News today

Now that sounds rather ominous, doesn’t it? Although I didn’t say much, it IS true though. So let me tell you about this Google+ Hangout

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The Francois Daily

Trained as a typographer and having worked at Holland’s largest newspaper in my very first job, writing, news and newspapers still hold my interest. So

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Step Three

Yup, I’m not done yet…… not by a long shot! So here’s Step Three: Flightsim Plaza’s SimNews !! I jokingly mentioned in another place that

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