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YESSSSSSS !! Against all odds (we think) we sold our little apartment in the French Alps. We had it for almost 17 years and we LOVED our times living there. And quite frankly, our last trip to the region to

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Airshow Méribel !!!!!

  Reason why things are a bit ‘slow’ usually in summer is that we move our office to a ‘better’ place, i.e. a tiny room in a chalet in the French Alps. I spend as little time in that room

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Heading south soon

Yup, it is that time of year again. Time to start preparing to head south, where the days are longer and the roads more twisty. Mind you, we don’t necessarily need to travel to the Alps to get our share

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Video of Méribel landing !

Here’s an interesting little movie by a fellow pilot landing at my ‘home’ airfield, Altiport de Méribel (LFKX). He first flies over the runway to announce his arrival, then heads east towards Corchevel, turning north, west and then south again

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Some skiing

Yup, some pictures of the last day skiing….. glorious weather, getting a bit warmer even, deep blue skies after the high Cirrus clouds left, and sunshine. There will be more pics in the next few weeks, but I have been

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Méribel, here we come !

  Nina and I will be leaving tomorrow morning for our place in Les Allues. Weather isn’t good yet, but is said to clear during the week. Snow a-plenty, new snow tires under the Jeep, lots of new energy to

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