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Flying the Lizzie

Call it procrastinating, call it playing, call it whatever you like….. but I am having so much fun with this WORK of arranging out-of-the-way landing

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Some good news

The Lysander has found (yet another) new developer to work on finishing it for FSX. I reached an agreement with Chuck Jodry from Montreal, Canada,

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More Lizzie Woopses

The Lysander seems to be a project I should never have started, since it runs into one problem after the other for two years now

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Webhost problems…..

For a few days already I got the impression that some of my sites were pretty slow. My regular 5 minute e-mail scan too gave

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Too bad Roger !

I could have written ‘Congrats Raphael’, that may have been kinder. But I really was hoping for Roger Federer to win his 6th consecutive Wimbledon

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Lizzie flies !

Yup, FINALLY. This evening I flew my first circuit with the Lizzie, at long last. That’s the good news. Is it up for sale yet?

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