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Airshow Méribel !!!!!

  Reason why things are a bit ‘slow’ usually in summer is that we move our office to a ‘better’ place, i.e. a tiny room in a chalet in the French Alps. I spend as little time in that room

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Sorry for being absent for a while. Actually, I still am. Nina and I settled in our Eagles Nest for a few weeks, taking in the snow, the sunshine, the sweat……. we’ve been skiing for 5 afternoons, been walking, and

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Heading south soon

Yup, it is that time of year again. Time to start preparing to head south, where the days are longer and the roads more twisty. Mind you, we don’t necessarily need to travel to the Alps to get our share

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Back in France

We spent two very busy weeks in Holland and returned to Les Allues, Savoie, last Friday. Funny how time passes, or rather, how we PERCEIVE it passes. When I came back in Holland I did not have the feeling of

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Getting ready to leave……

Not definitely yet, but still…. we’ll be back home and truly settled by September 28th !! Lots of things to do… we start by taking the bike and my office PC’s (and ourselves) down to France. Planning of seeing the

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Woops, we’re getting more snow

It has been snowing all day yesterday (see photo), but we went down anyway. The roads were still cleared and the 4WD does its job on our short private road up to the garage. But today we need to go

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