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Good news at last

Amidst the usual flurry of stressful deadlines towards Christmas, leaving my Christmas cards sending activities dead in the water as usual, there is some good news for Nina and me. We just received an official statement from the Dutch National

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Kudos to Wouter Bos

He’s our finance minister currently and in a press conference late last night promised all Dutch savers their rightful money back, no matter what. THAT’s what I, and 108.000 victims of the fraudulent Icesave bank with me, had been waiting

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Icesave and other financial ramblings

Sorry folks, more on Icesave, savings and the financial crises. I know most of you come here to learn about new Flight Simulator add-on products we are making, or read about my motorbike travel, but currently this 80K ‘loss’ keeps

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Why the HELL did I put our money in Iceland???

In response to a questin on my favorite motor forum,and also because I have been analyzing my own actions, I wrote the following: [quote=David] Francois, what led you to pick that bank? I’m guessing you weren’t aware of the turmoil

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