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I was on US TV News today

Now that sounds rather ominous, doesn’t it? Although I didn’t say much, it IS true though. So let me tell you about this Google+ Hangout On-Air thing that is starting to shape yet a new road into Social Media and

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Snow is good!

Well, at least for the visitors statistics of my EuropeRides website. These past 2 weeks the site gets bombarded by people looking for road conditions in Europe, mainly in France. Looking at the stats it seems that UK residents are

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Google Earth… or Virtual Earth ?

One day you have nothing, and the next the world is at your feet….. or at least you can watch it from above ! I have a subscription for Google Earth Pro for our documentation work at FSAddon and I

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NOW would be a good time…..

……. to have more products out! Summer approaching, and more importantly,our Summer Vacation is nearly here! Next week we’ll be loading the Jeep, and loading the bike on the trailer…. presuming I get it fixed one of these days! But

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