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Saitek HOTAS X-55

Where I am still happy with my old Saitek X52 HOTAS system, the company has released quite a few new models since. One of them, the professional looking X-55, got tested by Angelique van Campen who currently works for Aerosoft.

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Would you believe it!?

There are even scams in the FS world these days ! It is in my face on Facebook all day long; an ad promising ‘the most releastic flight simulator ever made !!’. So of course I was curious! Could someone

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Too much of a good thing ??

Information overload and application glut…. causing the stress to hit the fan once again. I am referring to my absence from this blog, casued by my presence in too many other places. Twitter (yes, even there), Facebook (daily), my own

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Gone riding again today…..

Today Riding School P’and Marieke Schipper get their brand new Yamaha XJ6 bikes and I am joining them to take some pictures of the delivery and the bikes themselves for the website. Before that I’ll take a ride to Enkhuizen

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Been busy….

I don’t intend to make this a weekly blog, but it sure looks like it lately. Been trying to follow up on th MS ACES fiasco and my open letter. Apart from a very few really amazingly dumb replies on

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Hang in there with me folks !!!

Still looking for a more versatile blog layout and I like this one. But I have to ‘tinker with it (and get rid of all the senseless advertising and put something in place that makes more sense….. as it were

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So much going on !

I think this is one of the few times I haven’t posted anything in a week! Sorry! I have a lot going on, so that’s why. Here’s a list: – Taking daily care of Mom and (especially now) Dad –

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