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Quoted on Techflash

Todd Bishop, a reporter writing on Techflash, called me the other day to talk about the cascade Games Foundry and the loss of Flight Simulator. I just found his published article and you can read it here. I still have

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Step Three

Yup, I’m not done yet…… not by a long shot! So here’s Step Three: Flightsim Plaza’s SimNews !! I jokingly mentioned in another place that I was getting bored already, not doing the simFlight news pages anymore. That’s partially true.

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Exit simFlight stage right……

Sadly, my days at simFlight (and simMarket) are numbered and I had to decide to quit an 8-year ‘career’ running one of the world’s top flight simulation news sites. The main reason being the fact that I just couldn’t afford

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No Misty Fjords X

well, not from FSAddon Publishing, that is. Holger Sandmann regrettably has decided to stick with the competition and not continue his work for FSAddon. I won’t comment any further here, suffice it to say that obviously I don’t agree with

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Recruited by AOPA

Yes, yours truly was ‘recruited’ by the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) to join their new initiative called ‘Lets Go Flying’ aimed at getting more people aquainted with avaiation and ultimately into the left seat! To accomplish that AOPA

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