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Thunderbolts over Burma

By Angus Findon, Mark Hillier A very special book. It shows us the life of a British fighter pilot, but not in the usual way where young men jump into the Hurricanes and Spitfires and fend off Hitler’s Luftwaffe over

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Our Alaska Flight

I finally managed to finish the first of a row of articles dealing with my/our flying in the States last October/November. The first in the range is the story about our flight through the Misty Fjords, near Ketchikan, Alaska. This

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Let’s Go Flying

  I’m sure you’ve seen it before: AOPA’s new initiative to get more people interested in (learning to) flying. I posted one of my Why Fly columns on there and it got published today. Unfortunately the link to Why Fly

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Why Fly news

Why Fly is gaining momentum, but we need LOTS more readers still…. so SPREAD THE WORD ! It is FREE ! This week we had ‘relaunch-week’ and we celebrated that with a wonderful series of 6 articles by Glenn Matthews.

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My first WhyFly story published!

Heck YESSSSS I am proud! My friends at WhyFly, the brand new aviation web magazine from Canada, have read my first story and deemed it fit to join those already there. That means I am in the company of some

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Blogging Time!

Darn! Been too busy once again! Here’s a quick update of what we did: we got on the bike, and onto the ferry to England. We visited our friends Didier and Liz in London and had a most wonderful 4

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Someone I know…….

  Today, when clicking through last night’s Facebook entries, I found a video clip of a float plane landing on Lake Union, Seattle. ‘Hang on’, I thought, ‘gotta see this. That’s what we did two years ago, courtesy of our

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Between Real Flying and Dreaming

Dreaming of flying and doing it for real can be worlds apart…..  or it can happen just like that! Yesterday I received a quite surprising e-mail from the AOPA, of which I am a member, asking me if I would

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