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Looking for Flight Simulator and PC Experts

You probably have read my Call for Experts already elsewhere. If not, here it is again: ———— So you are a Flightsim Expert? …. AND you are often on-line, AND you have a good technical knowledge of all things PC,

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Two Major New Projects

I have two projects that will take up most of my time during the coming months, and possibly long after that. That is, if I survive the trip preparations underway now, and the trip itself of course. Rumor has it

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Laying a floor and FS News

On first sight these two things have absolutely nothing in common. Correct. But what if I tell you that I was happily working on building my new FS News website, when Nina reminded me that the pile of wood in

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How to ‘opinionize’

  Hmmmm… is that a word at all? Alright, never mind. One thing I seem to be missing is the ability to provide an honest but private opinion on certain aspects of flight simulation and associated subjets. I have had

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Come visit New England

Always has been one of my favorite regions in the US. Perhaps because it most resembles Europe. Or perhaps it was the first area ever that I visited when first coming to the US many years ago. Like so many

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So much going on !

I think this is one of the few times I haven’t posted anything in a week! Sorry! I have a lot going on, so that’s why. Here’s a list: – Taking daily care of Mom and (especially now) Dad –

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