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I took a sabbatical from riding

And I have hesitated a long time to tell you all (as if anyone would be interested, really). You would think your life will quiet down once you get older….. well, not so. Time passes more quickly, or so it

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Snow is good!

Well, at least for the visitors statistics of my EuropeRides website. These past 2 weeks the site gets bombarded by people looking for road conditions in Europe, mainly in France. Looking at the stats it seems that UK residents are

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New ventures……

When someone is trying to push you out of business, and out of your income, there are two things you can do. Fight them with all means, or just go around them and do something else…. preferably better. Looks like

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Getting ready to leave……

Not definitely yet, but still…. we’ll be back home and truly settled by September 28th !! Lots of things to do… we start by taking the bike and my office PC’s (and ourselves) down to France. Planning of seeing the

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Installation Instructions for a Garmin

Hah! Got ya! This is NOT about flightsim aircraft. Sorry! I recently bought and installed a real Garmin Zumo 550, the ideal companion for motorcyclists who love to plan and ride tours. This is a great kit, not only adding

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So much going on !

I think this is one of the few times I haven’t posted anything in a week! Sorry! I have a lot going on, so that’s why. Here’s a list: – Taking daily care of Mom and (especially now) Dad –

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Get better, Richard !

As of late we have too many people in dire straights. People that we love and appreciate. Mom’s really bad and not getting any better, we had a few (minor) health issues ourselves, my best friend had heart surgery two

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We went riding again….

It was (and still is) glorious, sunny, calm October weather and Nina pushed me to go riding with her ! As if I needed much convincing! Anyway, our yesterday ride tale is here ! Meanwhile it is Sunday late afternoon

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Preview of new site

I have had second thoughts about all of the ‘Joomla sites’ I was setting up. For some things it is an excellent system, but for others a complete overhead in terms of complexity. Take my ‘Silver Cloud Publishing site for

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