Packing for Romania

Yeah, it’s that time of the year again… already. Nina is stuffing suitcases and bags full of clothes and food she bought, expecting me to cram it all in the Jeep once more. And then we’re off to our grueling 2-day ride East. Grueling because we still have the Jeep and that means driving slow to curb petrol consumption (not that I hold my breath, mind you). Grueling because the darn thing turns to 40 C even with the airco at Full! And grueling because all Romanians and other assorted idiots are NOW going to Romania al at the same time….. clogging the roads and above all the border passing.

Nope, I am – again – not looking forward to the next 10 days and will be extremely glad as usual when crossing the border at Heygeshalom again, entering back into Austria and the civilized world. Although one can more and more argue the validity of that last statement too, here. And I don’t care that Hungary and Romania are now supposed to be European countries too…… we all make mistakes apparently. Especially the latter still is pretty much the wild east where I feel both authorities and criminals are constantly after us.

So, off we go, you’ll have to do without me for a bit and I’ll miss my office and trusted stuff around me…. and the bike !!

Wishing you all Happy Easter !

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