Train Stuff

I am not a ‘real’ trains freak, in fact I don’t like travelling by train – or at least the commuter ones they have here – but like many other boys I was a model railroad fan when young and my brother was (and perhaps still is) a trains freak. With Microsoft’s new Train Sim coming, I figured it is time to get involved again and open a special links page for the topic. I’ll have some ‘Trainz’ things on here too, because so far that is the BEST trainsim yet !

MS Train Blogs

The new TSInsider – the official TS2 website from Microsoft

The ‘official’ MSTS website Rick ‘Yard Limits’ Selby – Lead Designer TrainSim

Patrick Cook – Sim Elations – Design Director of ACES

Mike Gilbert – Tdragger – Lead Program Manager TrainSim

Rolling – Not sure who this is, but it is about MSTS X

Brett Schnepf – Mavyryk – Community and Partner Dev Manager


Other ‘train’ blogsOther stuff

The offizial Auran Trainz website – trainsim news site

TrainsimUK – another trains fan site

TrainOrders – railroad enthusiasts site