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I have many hobbies, and had many jobs and a few careers before getting retired. I started blogging when I founded my private little flight simulator software publishing company back in 2005.
And now retired in Italy I continue filling this blog, hoping to get rid of Facebook some day. I prefer my own, FREE, ‘social’ media.

Come back often and enjoy our Italian life with Nina, Bruno, and me. 

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I have been writing here since 2005, so there is lots to read, and new things added regularly

2016 US trip

Independence Pass, CO, 2016

September 1, 2016US travel Not only the Dutchy, in fact, but a whole bunch of people from the “Kachadourian Lodge” set out to visit the pass, and subsequently have lunch in Aspen on the other side! On this day, July

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Thunderbolts over Burma

By Angus Findon, Mark Hillier A very special book. It shows us the life of a British fighter pilot, but not in the usual way where young men jump into the Hurricanes and Spitfires and fend off Hitler’s Luftwaffe over

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Major changes in the website

Please bear with me all, I changed the theme of my WordPress website, am adding a little aircraft webshop, and integrating some material from my other websites (that I will subsequently close).So during the next few months things will be

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Bruno wants out, like me

Unfortunately it looks like our region will again be dragged into the communist-state ‘Zona Arancia’ (Orange Zone) which means no freedom of movement. That’s my main beef with all this Chinese Virus crap, supported by the current communist regime in

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Nina and I still in The Netherlands

What am I writing about here

Our life in Italy

In 2017 we moved permanently to Umbria, smack in the middle of Italy, after buying our house in 2014. We have been restructuring for 6 years now

Flight simulator hobby

Since I also stopped my business in 2017, I should finally have more time to enjoy the hobby myself, instead of just servicing others. Been at it for over 35 years now, and building a home cockpit

Motorcycle touring

One of the reasons to move 'south' was the riding weather. Alas, ever since I bought the new BMW back in 2017 I have not been riding much. Hopefully, we still can in future

Art and Scale modeling

Also picked up drawing and painting again, and the scale model hobby. Some of the results are posted on the blog of course

Some of my loyal customers wrote

Getting back to the Lysander and Gloster, I almost feel guilty about buying these at a discount. I was glued to the screen reading your evocative documentation, which was worth the price alone. Living the memories again, the Lysander was the first aeroplane cockpit I ever sat in. Not as a pilot mind, it was just before I joined up, and I was what they called an ‘electrician under training’, which means I was fit only for hanging over the tailplane to keep it down while the engine was being run-up. But I certainly remember the plane. Thanks to you I have also ordered “They landed by Moonlight”. Cheers, from Jim
I received the package in a timely manner and have been enjoying the product for two days. Thanks for being a business that a fellow can rely on and trust in the future.
Thank you. The scenery is excellent and I do know Vancouver. It is a destination too in my simulated travels. I had to switch a few things off as I have a medium speed computer. It is an investment as next year - maybe a full blown gaming computer. Thank you again for your courtesy and personal service. Yours sincerely, Michael

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