Come visit New England

Always has been one of my favorite regions in the US. Perhaps because it most resembles Europe. Or perhaps it was the first area ever that I visited when first coming to the US many years ago.

Like so many other States it has lots of slumbering little towns, villages and AIRFIELDS. And Bill Womack is going to take us along in FSX with his new 100 Dollar Burger Series of highly detailed, but simple scenery titles. You’ve probably read about it by now; Plum Island is the first in a series of affordable, highly detailed and  super-realistic places.

Bill is using aerial photographs. Ouch !! I know, I used to be an opponent of those myself. But wait until you fly over THIS incarnation of it….. they come in FOUR SEASONS, they are extremely well BLENDING in with the surrounding default textures, and Bill placed thousands of autogen objects to make it very realistic looking.

On top of that he has beautifully modeled the little sleepy airfield near the town….. can you say Emma Field Quality!? This is not in the Pacific Northwest, but equally characteristic. You can almost TASTE the salt air from the tidal flats nearby and SMELL the fuel dripping from the old tank near the hangar. Oops!

Land your Piper or Cessna, park it on the grass, get your thermos with coffee and your sandwiches and sit down at one of the two picnic tables where you can have a chat with the local pilots or the airfield manager.

Check out the PREVIEW HERE !!!

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