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Bye Bye Zuckerberg

All the way back in November 2008 I added my first friends on Facebook, on my brand new account. I started it out of curiosity because many of my flight simulator friends were talking about it. And those were the

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NO Facebook, so peaceful

The Facebook Gestapo has locked me out once again, this time for sharing a joke on good old Hitler….. totally irrelevant for their ‘community standards’, whatever those may entail. Totally random too of course, I am just on their blacklist, like

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My 5 seconds of fame!

Hey ya’ll, I never thought I’d get my moustache on a tv screen…. but it happened nonetheless. Let it roll for a bit and you’ll see me, straight from the FSAddon HQ ! Now I will hide back under my

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Digging into Social Media – Twitter

Twitter, yes, and more precisely: what’s the use of it !? I have been on Twitter for little over a year now, slowly expanding the number of people/sites I follow, and slowly building a following to a modest 220 now.

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