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2016 US trip

Independence Pass, CO, 2016

Independence Pass, CO, 2016 September 1, 2016US travel Not only the Dutchy, in fact, but a whole bunch of people from the “Kachadourian Lodge” set

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Our wonderful, cozy little apartment in the Trois Vallées area in France, smack in the middle of Europe’s largest skiing area, is for sale !

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Spinning my Internet Wheels

You won’t see any changes to the blog yet…. that’s because my Internet connection has gone belly-up. Or the cable underneath the driveway, to be

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French Biker Power !

Apparently the French politicians – like most of their counterparts all over the world – have nothing better to do than come up with anal

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Blogging Time!

Darn! Been too busy once again! Here’s a quick update of what we did: we got on the bike, and onto the ferry to England.

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Writing a new book…..

Finally, I might add. Been wanting to do this for many years, ever after my first (co-authored) book appeared. Now I have decided and started.

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Almost time to go

Yes, I KNOW my last post was on August 24th, when we returned to France. And now we’re almost ready to head north to Holland

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My new office……

Unfortunately still temporary, but nonetheless a major improvement over the old one…. see for yourself ! Yes, we arrived at our ‘second home’ again. I

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Facebook kills blogs

Since I’ve discovered Facebook, and became addicted, I am neglecting some of the other writing efforts. Among which is my blog, sadly. On the other

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The smell of fresh hay

There’s nothing I like better in Spring and Summer than the sweet smell of hay! I don’t know why. Maybe becasue I don’t smell anything

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