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Restarted the cockpit building

At last, after almost 5 years after my first steps into building me a real home cockpit, I am back at it again. So many things happened…. rebuilt our ground floor after the fire, closed my FSAddon company and many

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A lot happened

But unfortunately not on the actually cockpit build….. However, not all is bad, although getting old really feels like it… <grin>. Time passes at lightning speed these days, and so it happened that instead of continuing to build the cockpit,

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Home Cockpit

Initial skirmishes

Here’s my first post on the actual initialization of my cockpit project. SO many things to prepare, to plan, to think about, to research…….. I wish I had more time ! 🙂 I started with laying out all the bits

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My Home Cockpit Project

This, my dear friends, has been on my bucket list for, oh, at least 30 years. Flight Simulation has been the ONE steady thing in my life ever since 1976 when I saw the very first non-mainframe computer….. and a

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