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Been out riding again…..

Took Cami out yesterday… we headed through some rain showers and strong winds towards The Hague, then Rotterdam and wound up at Rotterdam’s (tiny!) airport. Cami still loves riding with me…. and I find it fun too of course. Hope

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The Flight Simulator X Demo

Alright, so I might have misinterpreted MS’s reasons for putting it on the market, for which I apologize. And truth be told, the demo in itself is a wonderful bit of free software. But….. I still think I was ‘right’

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Moving around again today…..

The weather is ‘tropical’ since yesterday. Or at least, to me as Dutchman it is; 28C yesterday and it will go up to 30-something over the next days they say. Yuck ! I like warm weather, but not HOT !

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Rode to the airport today……….

…. and made a load of pictures. You can see some of them here !! It was a wonderful morning and riding weather was great… no clouds, not much wind. My right thumb injury is bothering me a bit though,

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Real bush flying video

  This has been in the works for quite some time. My good internet friend  and Maule pilot Kevin Griffin has finally finished his first Bush Flying  video for publication. has the honor of marketing it in Europe, and

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