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I have FINALLY started writing and publishing books. I wrote my first book when I was 12, and I still have the manuscript. So this is a dream of a life time! I am working on a number of photo books (the first one is about Florida) AND plan to write special Motorbike Riders travel guides to places I love. Stay tuned for more !


Currently in writing: Motortouring The Alps At Leisure

Since there are no good books (that I like) aimed at novice and/or more senior riders for touring the Alps, I decided to write my own.
A lot of research has been done already, as has photographing and ‘testing’!

Chapters will include Riding techniques, Alpine hazards, Traffic rules and regulations, How to get there, What to see, Passes, Maps, Routes, Lodging and more.


My Florida

A visual recollecti…
By Francois A. Dumas


Mom’s Book

Donate for Cancer Research

Mom’s Book is a book filled with photos for my mother. She is dying of cancer when I write this.
I hope the book will fill her with some joy, and maybe do so for other mothers all over the world too!

This is a non-profit book and I have added 5 Euros to the price of having it printed. The 5 Euros will be donated to Cancer Research.

a tribute to all t…
By Francois Alexandre…
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