In hospital

And then things all went wrong all of a sudden…… I sent my bi-annual poo test in an envelope, thinking nothing of it, as always.

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Basic Blender Tutorials

Downloaded the latest Blender app and was looking for tutorials. This is the list that Blender provides themselves. There must be many more on Youtube

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No more oppression

In the light of the recent attack on their customers, it seems like most current social media are indeed Socialist Media and only exist to

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More closings

I feel like dying a little bit, closing down various internet activities that I have fanatically worked on these past 15 years of my life.

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KLM turns 101

Here’s a message on the KLM, my favorite airline for many many years…. An article in Key.Aero takes a look at the history of the

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New art shop opened

Having been banned from Facebook for the umpteenth time I found some extra time in my busy retired life. So I picked up painting again.

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