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FS Products

After having closed my businesses Silver Cloud Publishing and FSAddon Publishing, I still needed a place to show our old (FSX) products, and help Simon Smeiman continue selling his. So on this page you’ll find some of our products that you can still buy and download for now…… I don’t know how long I can keep this going, but we’ll see.

The product descriptions and other texts are copied from the old shop. I have not updated them all due to lack of time. Remember, all of our products need FSX SP2. Most work with Prepar3D (P3D) versions, even to V5, but they have been officially tested only on FSX.

In the menu at the top of the page there is a menu item taking you to some free downloads, and another link to the purchase buttons of all of the products beow.

Please remember, I am NOT supporting all of these actively anymore, although Simon and I do our best to reply to everybody still. But now being retired I have moved my focus to work on WW2 history, my paintings, and building my own home cockpit.

Lysander Secret Operations

I think I will settle on that title.

‘Westland Lysander for FSX’ just doesn’t cut it.
We have included a lot of documentation of some of the secret missions these planes and their brave pilots carried out behind enemy lines during World War 2. Initially designed as an army cooperation aircraft and new light bomber before the war, the Lysanders most famous actions were those carried out for the SOE to ferry resistance leaders and agents to and from occupied France.

There’s an huge chunk of history attached to this aircraft, its pilots and the squadrons it flew in, and you will find much of that in the extensive documentation we provide with it.

The model we have initially portrayed in our package is that of an SOE Lysander as it is now preserved (and still flying!) at the Shuttleworth Collection at the Old Warden airfield in the UK. The project started with buying a book written by one of its war time pilots, Hugh Verity, and from there on it became one of my personal pet projects.

BECAUSE it was (and is) a personal pet project, I kept pouring money into it, instead of giving up after the umpteenth designer let me down. So the end result now is a beautiful, fully working model and realistic for FSX, supported by a wealth of extra’s in terms of research, documentation, scenery even…. and Operation Guidelines.

That’s right. You not only get the beautiful STOL aircraft, but also a comprehensive set of operational documents allowing you to try your hand at what these brave and skilled pilots did in the war: fly by the light of the moon, navigate by streams, rivers, railroads, lakes and other landmarks visible in the moonlight….. and your compass….. and find minuscule torch lights flashing for you to land and pick up agents before the German Gestapo got on to it!

I can guarantee you many evenings and nights of breathtaking flying, and maybe some frustration at first, too. I know because I did it. I flew each and every mission, most of them many times. And although I am obviously biased, this being my Pet Project and being an aviation and WW2 buff at that, this truly is one of the best things I’ve done in years using Flight Simulator!

And please, do not think that this is not for you if you are an airline pilot used to FMC’s, electronics, endless checklists and hours of flight preparation.
One of the most experienced pilots at Old Warden, flying the ‘Lizzie’ and many of the other historical aircraft, is an active British Airbus captain, who now lives in France and comes over almost every week to fly these ‘real’ aircraft!


Bristol Freighter

Bristol Mk1, Mk31 and Mk 32 Freighter

FSAddon with Simon Smeiman (GFA) like to bring you the lesser-known classic and historic aircraft and we think we have another special model with our Bristol Freighter. This aircraft will be especially fun to fly for those of you simulating freight airlines and cargo flying !

Designed by the Bristol Aeroplane Company, in 1944, the Bristol Type 170, was intended for military use, being designed as a utility transport capable of airlifting the standard British Army 3-ton truck. However, it arrived a little late for WWII, and instead became Bristol’s first post-war production model. The prototype first flew on 2 December 1945. 

Production amounted to 214 aircraft in the various versions being built between 1945 and 1958.
The Bristol Freighter featured large clamshell doors at the front of a large container-like fuselage allowing complete cars and other large loads to be carried.
The aircraft was utilized by several air forces including the RAF, Argentina, Australia, Canada and Pakistan, as well as commercial operators around the world.

The final variant was the Mk.32, also known as the Super Freighter, with a fuselage stretch of 1,52m (5 feet) giving a distinctive ‘droop’ nose. Built for Silver City Airways this allowed for up to three cars and 21 passengers to be carried on their English Channel “air bridge” service.

This Flight Simulator model is developed with FSX SP2 / Acceleration compatible tools, tested and found to be working well with Windows 7 and DX10. Although developed for FSX SP2 / Acceleration, this model has also been adapted and tested to work in FSX Steam and P3DV4 (and on a Windows 10 platform of course).

This model has over 2800 individual detailed parts and over 240 animated parts.

This package consists of the following 5 aircraft configurations:

  • Mk.1M (Military- Type 170). Square wingtips with glazed clamshell doors. Cargo: Jeep/cannon and fuel drums.
  • Mk.1 (Civilian). Square wingtips with glazed clamshell doors. Cargo: 2 vehicles (Combi bus and Mini car).
  • Mk.31 (Civilian). Rounded wingtips and enlarged tail fin with glazed clamshell doors. Cargo: 2 vehicles (Combi bus and Mini car).
  • Mk.31 (Civilian). Rounded wingtips and enlarged tail fin with solid clamshell doors. Cargo: 2 vehicles (Combi bus and Mini car).
  • Mk.32 (Super Freighter). Cargo: 3 vehicles (Combi bus and Mini and Anglia car).

The package also comes with a special ‘Load Manager’ to help you load and unload the freight into and from the cargo hold, with lots of nice animations!

Avro Anson

“…. At the start of the Second World War, there were 26 RAF squadrons operating the Anson I: 10 with Coastal Command and 16 with Bomber Command. However, by this time, it was obsolete in the roles of bombing and coastal patrol and was being superseded by the Armstrong Whitworth Whitley and Lockheed Hudson (the latter is also available from FSAddon Publishing).

Limited numbers of Ansons continued to serve in operational roles such as coastal patrols and air/sea rescue. Early in the war, an Anson scored a probable hit on a German U-boat. In June 1940, a flight of three Ansons was attacked by nine Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf 109s. Remarkably, before the dogfight ended, without losing any of their own, one of the Ansons destroyed two German aircraft and damaged a third.

The aircraft’s true role, however, was to train pilots for flying multi-engined bombers such as the Avro Lancaster. The Anson was also used to train the other members of a bomber’s aircrew, such as navigators, wireless operators, bomb aimers and air gunners. Postwar, the Anson continued in the training and light transport roles. The last Ansons were withdrawn from RAF service with communications units on 28 June 1968….”.

[Source: Wikipedia: ]

This is Simon Smeiman’s rendition of the many Avro Anson models used during WWII and in post war civilian capacity. This package is for FSX (SP2) and consist of a collection of 13 different models plus a little tractor used by ground servicing crew, including the 4 main fuselage shapes the Anson was made of over time. Apart from the very obvious 4 different main shapes, ALL of these models are different! And of course there are as many liveries/skins as well.

Simoon tried to incorporate as many features as possible of the real world aircraft leading to some 2,000+ parts and ± 113,000 polygons. There is also a bag full of animations. Some animations in the model are there solely to make life a little bit easier in the cockpit, therefore not true to the real world aircraft. There are over a 100 animated parts and also a special animation involving the tractor which we think is a first for FSX.

And we have the only existing Anson ON FLOATS incorporated as well

  • both civilian and military models
  • 13 different aircraft models
  • 13 different liveries
  • 1 ground crew with tractor
  • 2000 moving parts
  • 130,000 polygons
  • 100 animated parts

In its lifetime the Anson served with the RAF, the Canadian RCAF and Navy, The New Zealand RNZAF, as AT-20 in the USAAF. A few ended up in the Egyptian Air Force and others at the Royal Afghan Air Force ater 1948. There were many more civilian operators after the war and the Anson was made well into 1952.

Fieseler Storch Fi-156 FSX

The Fieseler Storch Fi-156 was another one of these very special aircraft that earned their fame in World War 2. Where the British used their Lysander for nightly STOL operations, the German side had the Storch to land on virtually ANY place that wasn’t inundated.

This particular model is another master piece of our designated aircraft designer Simon Smeiman, and built after an existing and still flying specimen. I traveled to Florida twice to visit the wonderful aircraft museum and aviation events organization of Kermit Weeks; Fantasy of Flight. That’s where I took all the photos for this bird, sat in it, crawled underneath and talked to the pilot.

Yes, it is a war time and military aircraft, and yes, some versions have a machine gun in the back…. and it actually fires as well. But even if you’re not so fond of wartime machines, chances are you’ll love this little bird. You can use the unarmed Ambulance version.
It flies slower than a Cessna, lands in about a quarter of the distance, has excellent visibility all around and is the ultimate plane to savour the scenery gliding by underneath.

Add to it the TONS of animations that Simon built in and you’ll have the best scenery hugging aircraft for FSX that you can imagine.

This FSAddon model comes in two versions; wheels and skis.

There are regular versions, used for VIP transport and artillery control, but there’s also a very special ambulance version with two wounded soldiers carried on stretchers behind the pilot !

Furthermore you get no less than TEN different liveries with these versions. Check out the images we provided.

This model was developed with FSX compatible tools, tested and found to be working well with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

System requirements:

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2 or Acceleration)
Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7
Pentium 2 GHz (Duo2Core Intel recommended)
1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
256 MB graphic card (larger recommended)
Sound card
Download size: 200 MB
Installation size: 720 Mb

Lockheed Hudson/Lodestar

This Hudson ‘Package’ is one of our SPECIALS again. And we kept the title ‘short’ for reasons of practicality, but actually this is an entire set of aircraft, both military and civilian, because it not only contains ALL the Hudson models from Mk I to Mk VI, The A28 an A-29 and the American PBO, but also includes the Lockheed Model 14 Super Electra and the Lockheed Model 18-56 Lodestar.

It is also ‘special’ because like our Lysander model it is made with the clandestine S.O.E. flights in mind,that were carried out during WW2 over and into occupied territory. The Hudsons would land in the middle of the night on farm land and small airfields, only guided by a few people on the ground holding torches !

With our soon-to-be-released FREEWARE Operations Package you can reproduce these secret operations yourself.

But you can also take the Hudson to bomb the Normandy coast (bombs and effects included!), or go submarine hunting in the Pacific (depth charges show great effects!). Or save some downed airmen by dropping them a lifeboat. MANY effects and many versions!

These are all the models included.

 Model 14 Super Electra
    Hudson Mk1
    Hudson Mk II
    Hudson Mk III-A
    Hudson Mk IV
    Hudson Mk V
    Hudson Mk VI-A
    Hudson A28
    Hudson A29
    Hudson PBO-1
    Hudson Model 18-56 Lodestar

PLUS a huge number of effects and animations.
PLUS a free paintkit.

I am still working on a Hudson Operations Package that includes the ‘old’ Lysander missions and scenery for those of you who didn’t have that, PLUS a number of NEW operations and landing zones, specifically for the Hudson operations, but also suitable – and often used as such in reality too – for the Lysander !

Please check our website regularly for download of more ‘operations’ !

Prepar3d Installer INCLUDED !

System requirements:

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP2/Acceleration) or Prepard3D
Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7
Pentium 2 GHz (Duo2Core Intel recommended)
2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
256 MB graphic card
Sound card
Download-Size: 500 MB

WACO Bi-plane Collection

6 different WACO bi-planes

This package includes 6 models for FSX representing some WACO aircraft variants that were developed since the early days up to this current day and age by the WACO Aircraft Corporation. Two more models represent the conversion of a modern variant into a floatplane and a Taperwing model into a “Jet Waco”.

The models differ to each other in many ways, not only in the exterior but also in the interior and instrument panels. They are also all highly animated and detailed.

The models included in this superb collection are the ATO, the CTO, the QF2, the UPF, the (most famous of them all) YMF-5 AND the YMF-5D Super, the YMF-5 floatplane (!) and the very special Jet WACO.

All of the aircraft models have the by now well-known ‘Smeiman Animations’. Simon Smeiman, the developer of the models, just loves to add special little touches. So you don’t just have opening doors and hatches, but there’s also rain covers and storm latches, cockpit animations…… and even a brave barnstormer stunt lady on top of one of the aircraft, waving her arms as you take her up in the sky !!

Simon has provided many different cockpit layouts, as can be found through the wide range of WACO variants in the real world.


As a special surprise we have included our brand new WACO CG4 World War 2 military assault glider FOR FREE !

And not just 1, nope, there are THREE different models…… well… different cargo’s to be more precise.
You can choose between a glider with 8 troops, one with a Willys jeep and its 2 occupants ot one with a piece of artillery !

Everything on the CG4 is ANIMATED of course, including the unloading of the troops/cargo !

We have also included instructions on how to change the default (Maule) tow plane of FSX to any plane of your choice…….. (that would normally be the Douglas C-47 of course).

And that’s still not all !!!

Remember the Willys Jeep you see as cargo in some of the pictures !? Well, it is also included as a DRIVEABLE MODEL…. so you can hop in and go on a recce tour yourself through the FSX countryside!
Although cars never really drive well in FSX, it still is fun driving around and look at some of the scenery objects from up close.

Super Cub X

Following his earlier Super Cub (Top Cub from Cub Crafters) for FS2004, with adapted versions for FSX, Simon Smeiman has now rebuilt this wonderful aircraft as a native FSX model, with many more versions and paint schemes included.

You will get no less than SEVEN different aircraft versions.
The regular wheeled Cub, 2 Cubs with tundra tires (medium and large), an amphibian, one on floats only, a Cub on skis and an aerobatic Cub to top it off.

With these seven Cubs you also get 24 different paint schemes, ranging from military WW2 ones to all sorts of privately flown Cubs of various countries.

The package is huge and very extensive, just below 1 Gig uncompressed. The configurations are PA18 and L-21, all with different main panels, side panels, cockpits, cowls, doors and window vents. In fact, we have included FOUR different basic panels with our collection, Simple, Cluttered with starter, Cluttered with push button starter and Square with key starter and switches.

The model is designed to be operated from the virtual cockpit and there is no 2D cockpit provided. You will be hard pressed to find two Super Cub cockpits that are exactly identical. They are all unique. Some have simple panels with only the most essential flight instruments.
Others have square modern panels. Then there are some with flight instruments cluttered all over the panel and so it goes on. Basically they all have the same functionality (upon availability of switches etc.), and are the same as our previous Cub model.

So let’s show you the basic functions you can find in most of the models, using the schema below

The Piper PA-18 “Super Cub” is a two-seat, single-engine light utility aircraft. It was developed from earlier Piper PA-11 and traces its lineage back through the J-3 to the Taylor E-2 Cub of the 1930’s. Three years after it stopped building J-3s, Piper introduced the PA-18 Super Cub.
This design which is also a tandem taildragger with fabric covering but fitted with flaps, an O-290 Lycoming, a 135 hp engine and an electric starter was regarded as the perfection of the J-3 Cub.
Well over 9000 Super Cubs were sold over the years.

Super Cubs are commonly found in roles such as bush flying, banner and glider towing, and other situations in which short field performance is required. These aircraft can take-off in about 400 feet and land in about 300 feet thanks to the huge “barn door size” flaps.

The high-lift wing and powerful engine also made the Super Cub a prime candidate for conversion to either ski or float plane.

Today, the Super Cub is still manufactured as the PA-18 “Top Cub” from Cub Crafters in Yakima, Washington. Many enthusiasts all over the world also tackle it as “home build” projects. Thanks to them we will hopefully see Super Cubs dancing in the clouds for many years to come.

WACO CG-4A Assault Glider


This package is NOT NEEDED if you already bought the WACO Collection. All gliders and the jeep are included in the WACO Collection as a free gift!

For those of you who do not want or do not need the WACO bi-planes, we have produced a separate package for the free CG4 Assault Gliders that are included in it. And for all the extra work and cost, we only ask a small ‘donation’. But hey, at Euro 4,95, what could go wrong, eh?

2 models, 3 different cargo’s

This package includes 4 models for FSX representing the WACO CG4 Assault Glider that was widely used by the Allies during World War 2.

You can fly the airborne troops to their destination, but there is also a model with a Willys Jeep inside (and its two passengers), and even one with a piece of artillery !!

Of course all parts are animated….. and even the loading and unloading sequences are animated !

We have included an extensive manual with this model, showing you how you can CHANGE the default tow plane of FSX into something more appropriate, like the DC-3 / C-47. There are even instructions included how to make the tow plane do MORE than just take off and fly in a straight line !! This will require some careful tinkering, but it CAN be done !!


Simon has also included an ‘experimental’ that REALLY existed, but wasn’t used much as far as we know. It is a CG4 with two propeller engines attached ! The idea of this was to re-use the aircraft by letting it fly out of the landing zone by itself, after discharging its cargo. Or for transporting it to the loading area without needing a tow plane.
Of course this model too has full animations and a motorized cockpit. It flies like an ultralight and is an ideal aircraft to use to admire the scenery below.

And that’s still not all !!!

Remember the Willys Jeep you see as cargo in some of the pictures !? Well, it is also included as a DRIVEABLE MODEL…. so you can hop in and go on a recce tour yourself through the FSX countryside!
Although cars never really drive well in FSX, it still is fun driving around and watching some of the scenery objects from up close.