Current ‘Projects’…..

Since not many people read here, I can safely list some of the projects I am currently working on….. And yes, as usual for me, not enough hours in a day!

Oh, that picture on the left? Check out the list below….. I have a few irons in the fire so to speak. The top two floors of that building are the last point in the list !

  • Super Cub for FSX – ready next week!
  • FenceBuilder aka FS Scenery Toolkit aka ‘ know-a-better-name?’ : will be published this month !
  • Chocolate Factory Webshop – ready and launch next week !!
  • Second Chocolate Factory website – under design…..
  • Lysander – made new photos, still waiting for flight model, but not for much longer. I actually SAT in the plane ! Woot!!
  • Gloster Gladiator – almost ready for Beta
  • FSCargoX – basic version in beta next week (!!!)
  • Concorde X marketing – started, and demo in Lelystad !
  • MyTraffic X – design of logo, website, and some surprises planned
  • FSAddon Webshop – making progress now, ready before Christmas !
  • Touring Book Europe – creeping along…..
  • Preparation FS Weekend 7/8 November – in full swing !
  • Burning CDs for FS Weekend : tbd
  • Research new mortgage for The Kids – in hand
  • Making simMarket newsletters – twice a week !
  • Posting FS news on simFlight – grumbling and groaning with a stricken website
  • Tour proposals for EuropeRides customers ; mostly done
  • Ride Reports and Photo Processing: tbd
  • First Flight Simulation Research and Development Company Limited. Based in Nanning, Guangxi province, China. Working hard with my business partner to get things started up !!


Hmmmm, I think I forgot something. Maybe I’ll post the rest tomorrow… nah, I’d better get back to WORK !


  1. You left out eating and sleeping. 🙂 hahahaha.

  2. LOL… probably why I have these headaches….

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