Almost time to go

Yes, I KNOW my last post was on August 24th, when we returned to France. And now we’re almost ready to head north to Holland again. Been too buys to write here…. sounds familiar?

But apart from the usual headache-inducing thoughts and discussions centered around how to make a buck with flightsim things, we had a wonderful and rewarding stay! Especially our trip east through Switzerland and Italy was very good again. Tiring, but good!
I’ll be posting ride tales and pictures once I get settled in the office in Holland again. Made some 4500+ photos… ouch !!

BEFORE that, however, we still have the trip to England, visiting my friend Didier and his Piper Cub, the Lysander, Old Warden, Goodwood and possibly a few BMW friends. Haven’t been on that ferry to ol’ Blimey for a few years now…… although it will probably rain, I am looking forward to the ride. Nina is planning to come along this time!

Oh, and after that it is the yearly pilgrimage to Paderborn again. Never sure about it, but it looks like I’ll be handing the simFlight Awards once more…. stay tuned.

And then it is the dash for the world’s largest flightsim event: the FS Weekend at Lelystad!

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