Vacation or Work?

I tell you, this is a tough question. This year we’re in France for 6 weeks and no way I can be away from the Internet and my business for that long. So I brought the Flightsim PC and the notebook along, and 2 1Tb disk with most of my stuff. But if you think that you can then work ‘as usual’….. you’re dead wrong.

Of course Nina wants to do ‘things’, after all it is her vacation more than mine even, and I want to take some rest away from the Flightsim stress as well. But we’re not very sucessful yet at it. So I guess this has to be learned as well….. taking a step – or rather a few steps – back from WORK and ENJOY what we’re doing… sitting in the sun (Nina) or in the shade (me), walking in the mountains (a little), riding pass roads and other mountain routes (on the BMW) and enjoying our new matrass….

Probably I’ll learn how to do it one day…. maybe when I don’t have so many balls in the air anymore. Or maybe we get the Mexican Swine Flu and all of this is mute anyway, who knows??

For now I spend waaaaay too much time in this little dark and sweaty back room at the Internet PC still, stressing about all the things I STILL haven’t been able to get done…… and preparing mentally for a 1100 km motorbike ride home dodging bad weather that is rolling in from the Atlantic once more…..

….. I hope I don’t forget to pack the 1Tb disk with the mail and the updates, or I’ll be having 2 weeks of vacation BACK HOME !!! 😉

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