My new office……

Unfortunately still temporary, but nonetheless a major improvement over the old one…. see for yourself !

Yes, we arrived at our ‘second home’ again. I say HOME instead of house, because that’s what it is to me. My favorite home at that, too!

We’ll be here for awhile and I have all the (PC) gear along. That means the regular Vista/FSX PC, as well as my notebook. Will try and connect the rest today.

Meanwhile we’re out riding this afternoon, trying to get a glimpse of the circus aka Tour de France.

Today they’ll come over the Grand and Petite St. Bernard passes and end the etapppe in Bourg St. Maurice. That’s only 28 miles from here !

After that we’ll have to do some more shopping. We forgot a few things yesterday. The trailer and bike are safely stashed in the garage this time, such luxury!
Oh, and I found that we can store 4 bikes AND the trailer, all on that one parking space we have. Cool !

Now to get a few more bikes……. *cough*….

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