The ‘do-it-NOW’ guy

That’s me folks. If something needs done, I need to do it NOW. Or I’ll forget. Or toss it aside. I have many things going on at all times, and many things in my head. When I am working on something I am fully committed, but want to continue. But when I stop, something else gets picked up next.

So some people call me chaotic.

I’d say I am hyper-active. But what’s in a name?
It DOES lead to one small, oh alright, sometimes BIG nuisance in my life: people not replying to my emails immediately!
Now this is a problem, I realize full well. Not everybody is at their PC all day, let alone on their emails. And my emails are not as important to many as they are to me. Now, if I’d just be a little more laid-back that wouldn’t matter so much. But as it is I get itchy when not getting instant replies to my questions and proposals.

The solution? I don’t know. ‘Get a life’ probably. But then again, I already have one and in general am very happy with it. So be prepared to get many more ‘nagging’ mails from me, spurring you to answer and get into MY tempo. Or not, as the case may be 😉

Now….. have to clean the bike and load it on the trailer. Our renewed attack on the Alps is nigh !!!

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  1. Me too Francois. I like instant feedback.

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