The holy furniture grail……

Loyal readers of my blog AND Facebook burps will know by now that my recent life has been overshadowed by ‘looking at furniture’. It is all Vivian’s fault of course, who decided to get married AND emigrate AND accept Nina’s grand plan to take our bed, dining table and all chairs with her to Aruba.

That wonderful gesture did not only leave us without said furniture, and sleeping in the guest room, but more importantly was the start for a quest to find NEW furniture. After all, we eat dinner on our lap watching the 6 o’clock news, and entertain guests at the garden table, but this was not a to-be-continued situation.

So the holy grail for new furniture started. Needless to say Nina loves to go shopping and look at the nothing short of 15.000 dining tables available in abundance in our province’s furniture malls…….. and I don’t. The bed, I forgot to tell you, was selected relatively quickly after only 10 visits to bedding shops, of which 4 to the same one.
And just note that I took HER just ONCE to the GPS shop to buy a new GPS AND a new helmet !!!! Talk about ‘efficiency’!

AND it will be delivered in two hours, after being on order for three months (!!!!). The newly floored and painted bedroom is ready for it!

But the furniture was a different kettle of fish. First we needed to decide what we would like, or rather what Nina would like and I would not hate. I mean, a table is a table and I just don’t like wooden or metal chairs. Anything else is fine by me.
So instead of the black and white furniture we have now, it had to be granite or wood. That’s not entirely an easy choice, being so different.

Unfortunately we decided it had to be wood. Unfortunate, because there are not only 15.000 dining tables in the shops, there are also a gazillion different sorts of wood. I am pretty certain I have by now covered some 35.000 square meters of furniture shops!

Would you believe we ended up with oak !!?? You would, would you? Alright, to make a long story short…. too late, I know…. we finally ordered not only a dining table and some wildly expensive chairs yesterday, but included a new coffee table and a new cupboard, all in the same immaculate oiled oak !

Apparently there is only one factory in the country with one master woodworker/bedder working in it, because this simple assemble too has a manufacturing time of over three months !!!

I swear I am in the wrong line of business!


Soooooo, what’s next !!???

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