Just a quickie before hitting the road again


Last day in Romania today. Temps have gone up to 34 C and we’re melting (well, I am !). Will remain like this for some days, so I am glad to leave tomorrow. Hope Vienna is more accommodating the next few days.

Headache is gone, but lasted an entire day. Nothing helped; Excedrin, APC, Paracetamol, Antinevralgic…..yuck !!!

Visited the cemetery this morning, put flowers and candles up again. Did some shopping. Car’s tail brake light is ‘out’ and we can’t find the proper replacement bulb….. nor does it show anywhere in the manual how to replace any of the lights !! Duh !!!

Couldn’t do much work this week, contrary to what I planned. Computer and Internet problems remain to haunt me in this country.

Did a short tour to Geoagiu Baie yesterday, taking Florin and Olivia out there. Countryside is nice, the roads have been improved since last year! Amazing!

Dad still wants the commies back… he’s old, so I am not gonna argue with him. Many of the old people think the same. That’s not becasue of the commies being good, but of current politicians and burueacrats being even worse and MORE corrupt than everybody was back then !!! I say ‘toss them out of the EU, pronto !’.

Will be glad to get back to civilization soon, no matter how friendly many of the people here are. This just isn’t our place.

No Internet in the next few days, will be back on-line friday if all goes well…… Thanks for reading, so long !

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