LHA On Home Stretch


Yup, we’re definitely getting there. On the left you can see one of the bits of graphics I made for it. AJ has been working like mad to get the Helicopter Landing Ship ready AND to develop the AAV (amphibious troop carrier) that comes with it. Since FS is not made to mimic anything else than fixed-wing aircraft really, making helicopters, ships and vehicles move is a real pain. But AJ has something that is reasonably realistic, looks very cool AND is fun to drive and boat around in.

It’s not perfect, but a heck of a lot better than nothing….. you’ll see! The LHA comes in 5 variants and in 5 locations for now. We’re already working on expanding it in a follow-up project and we also have a moving carrier in mind. Lots happening!

Meanwhile I’ve already packaged a first draft of the Northern Microlights by Neil Birch of the UK. But due to its size, that is a bit of work still, so more on it later.

Now, back to the grind stone……..

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