Am I still here ???


…. Pinch….

….OUCH ! ….

Apparently yes. Writers block? Maybe. Busy? YES!
And here I am, the man who bought a new paint set to take up the old hobby again in order to get some relax time off….. well, I sketched the outlines of my first new acquarelle and that was 2 weeks ago. I need a life!

Am I complaining? Nope. Just wondering how to cram everything I do and WANT to do in the extremely limited bit of time that has been given to us. How do other people do it !!!??? All the ‘time management courses’ I took haven’t helped one yota. Nor my regular common sensual way of looking at things. I just want to do it all !

Oh well… for now that means I’m working hard at getting the LHA and Northern Microlights published, testing Tongass X, ‘managing’ progress on the Lysander package, building Lysander scenery (sort of) and Lysander documentation, (re)building the Chocolate Factory website, preparing a speech for my daughter’s wedding, preparing a present for ‘them’, getting ready to entertain some friends, working every week to get the simMarket advertising out the door, scrounging for simFlight news, working on new ventures with far-away partners, updating customer’s websites…….

…….. en re-finding lost photos! Yeah, last night a major panic struck when my back-up job turned out to have deleted the photos I took for the riding school website. Instead of securing a double set, I was left empty-handed! YIKES !!! Thanks to an obscure little Japanese restoration program I managed to find them back on the disk and restore them again.


Alright alright…. I’ll post some pictures of the new progressing stuff.. soon. I ‘may’ even go riding tomorrow and forget about it… the sun’s out !!!

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