Private life gets in the way……
Private life gets in the way……

Private life gets in the way……

We’re all supposed to have it, a private life away from work and other things we do to keep us busy. And we do, although often not by choice.


Nina and I have had some ‘distractions’ lately as you may have read on my Blog. We started wit a 6 day holiday (that was good), then my PC’s broke down the last days of January and didn’t get things back running until a week later (that was very disruptive), next we got a mean flu (that was bad!), and then both Nina and I ran into some health problems and were having to visit nasty doctors at even nastier hospitals (that was awful).

Just when we thought we could pick up our (working) lives again, enters my 89 year old father. Not only did he loose his wife (and my mother) last August, he is also in continuous pains and can hardly walk anymore. Off to the hospital again….. turns out he now needs not one but TWO new hips ! And new teeth, and an eye operation, and some other ‘corrections’.

So I’ve been tied up as taxi driver, social worker, shopping gopher and a few other things over the past weeks and with the various operations in sight for the next few months (AND our yearly skiing holiday, lets not forget that) things are ‘hectic’ around here to say the least. And we had to disappoint more than a few people lately by not achieving things I committed to.

Lets hope I am able to get more work hours in the 24 a day over the next few months than I havemanaged these past 2 months.

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