Some good news
Some good news

Some good news

The Lysander has found (yet another) new developer to work on finishing it for FSX. I reached an agreement with Chuck Jodry from Montreal, Canada, to finish the model, include the gauges in the VC and in general make it ready to fly in FSX.
I also finally have managed to get Rob Young his fee and he’s now working on the flight model.

Who says there’s no justice?

Some more good news is that we’ll also aim at making an FS9 version of the Lizzie, after we’ve finished the (dedicated) FSX model. Now with FS11 off the table, we feel we can put some more time in continuing to pour efforts in FS9 development. The same maybe for Plum Island….. we’ll see.


I haven’t been blogging much, because, frankly, I ma not in the mood. Have a hospital visit tomorrow that I am greatly looking up to, and the ‘thing’ with MS also took a while to sink in. Re-energizing is not always easy, especially not when you get older and various things seem to go down instead of up…. one’s own body in specific, and the world in general. And that’s coming from an optimist…. go figure !

I hope the problems turn out to be minor tomorrow, but I can’t and won’t go into details. If they aren’t you’ll know by my absence. And now I continue sulking in my den and wait for the ‘ordeal’ at 9 am tomorrow.

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